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Welcome to Woolly Gran

Woolly Gran originates from my Gran, Margaret, who is an avid knitter and inspiration to me. The need for Woolly Gran is developed directly from Gran's personal experience. In her younger days, Gran sold her knitted designs at local craft markets and in pop-up shops. Since entering her older years, due to mobility problems, she has become unable to exhibit and sell in person. Gran's mood and motivation to keep creating was dwindling and she was suffering from depression. Rather than see her give up her hobby completely or slowly be engulfed by knitted items in her home, I set up our Etsy shop, Woolly Gran, as an outlet for her creativity. Half of Gran's sale profits are filtered directly back into her wool stash and other creative materials which keep her hands and brain actively knitting. The other half of the profits goes back into The Woolly Gran Project, ensuring that our social enterprise is given the best chance of helping others in similar situations to that of my Gran.

Since setting up our online shop, I have noticed a number of positive changes in Gran; her mood is lifted, her motivation is improved, her sociability has developed and her passion for knitting is stronger than ever. Gran has complete freedom to create whatever she wants and sometimes that's led to exciting projects! We have receiving large custom orders of knitted toys designed by Gran, which she has tackled with fierce determination and excitement.

The Woolly Gran Project is an inter-generational, skill-sharing social enterprise which uses traditional crafts, such as knitting, as a platform for social interaction and to champion good mental health. The Woolly Gran Project aims to provide a sense of creative purpose, offer the chance at small financial gain in order to support creative hobbies, and ensures that elderly artists keep their brains and hands actively crafting. Part of The Woolly Gran Project’s mission is to, wherever possible, work with re-purposed craft materials in order to preserve our worldly resources and reduce waste. We are also developing methods for elderly artists to confidently use the technology available to them in order to allow for further creative collaboration.

I believe there is a network of older artists who would enormously benefit from being a part of The Woolly Gran Project. If you are one of these artists or know anyone who might like to get involved, please get in touch. If you have any comments or suggestions, please visit our contact page or email rachel.timneystewart@gmail.com.

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