Woolly Gran’s Vision

Woolly Gran is a community interest company which uses traditional textile-based crafts to help elderly artists keep their brains and hands active. Our aim is to reconnect older people with their creative hobbies, provide a platform to sell hand-crafted products and create opportunities for well-being and social engagement through traditional crafting such as knitting, crochet and embroidery…

…which tend to go hand in hand with plenty of tea, cake and chatter!

Rachel created Woolly Gran in response to her own gran, Margaret's need for a crafting outlet. Margaret enjoyed knitting, but found that there was nowhere for her wonderful woolly creations to go, leaving her feeling less engaged and motivated to continue crafting. Rachel set up an online shop and began trading at markets to sell Margaret’s creations, offering a focus for her crafting and a financial boost when items were sold or commissioned.

We believe there are other elderly artists out there just like Margaret.

Our vision is to widen this supportive, creative opportunity to more elderly people (or artists as we refer to them) on low incomes or living off their pensions, in a similar situation to Margaret. We want to remove barriers to crafting, firstly by providing basic materials and secondly by creating a platform on which to sell the products, ensuring that financial restriction, deteriorating health or social mobility do not hinder personal creativity. We will run 'knit and natter' groups and skill-sharing swap sessions, facilitated by volunteers, to establish the important social side of the project and provide support to elderly artists to continue finding purpose and enjoyment through their crafts.